“Elle aurait fait le tout de la terre dans une montgolfière.”

“C’est pas moi!” by Syane | A couple of non-English songs to tide us through, today and tomorrow. I’ve been listening again to Option Musique, finding that at this point in my life I really, really, really need to relax more. Not that it always plays purposefully melodic tunes – although one time I made the mistake of plugging it in on a particularly late drive home, after these events in fact, when I’m quite tired –  it will get upbeat and dance-y once in a while, like this tune. Syane is based in Switzerland, but is actually born in Bulgaria, with some Ethiopian ancestry tossed in. (And her name stands for “welcome”.) The mish-mash of influences shows nicely in this song, off her third record, which also has the same name. It’s very much French, yes, but there’s a weird bounce to it that’s most definitely from somewhere else. And yet it’s French. I’m terrible at this, but I quite like this. [NB]

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