Review: Dodge and Burn by the Dead Weather

Dodge and Burn by the Dead WeatherIf you’ve seen the Dead Weather live – whether it be actually live, or just off YouTube – you could argue that an album is no match for the sheer visceral nature of their performances. But Dodge and Burn proves that they can come quite close. The first album in five years from Jack White and Alison Mosshart’s not-quite-side project, it shows the band’s penchant for hybrid sounds – combinations of blues, garage and whatever else floats their boat at the moment – all tied in together with a hoo-rah! attitude. Oh, and Alison Mosshart herself: with one yelp, the Kills frontwoman conceals the complicated, perhaps mish-mash, nature of the music. That should do if you can’t see them live. Knowing that they somehow manage to not be comfortable despite sounds very much comfortable with what they do – that’s something. [NB] | 3/5

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