Review: In Dream by Editors

In Dream by EditorsBy now you have a pretty good idea what In Dream, Editors’ fifth album, sounds like. It’s sweeping. It’s brooding. It’s dramatic. It’s very much gut-wrenching. In Dream has flourishes of sunshine, however. Not something I expected to say, and not something you’d instantly glean, either. It’s still all doom and gloom, and yet you get a feeling that there’s acceptance, or jubilation, even. Maybe it’s the effect of doing five records. There’s an introspective acceptance prevalent in the lyrics across the record, especially in the final two tracks: “At All Costs” and “Marching Orders” feels like catharsis, acceptance, and moving onward. It would have been more effective if we didn’t need to wallow through more of the same to get there, however. [NB]3/5


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