“Pwede ba, pagbutihin mo, pare ko?”

“Mr. Musikero” by Sonny Nicholas | Let’s kick off the week with an OPM gem that I have never heard before. Only stumbled upon this a few weeks ago on Retro, still my dad’s default radio station in the mornings – it’s nice that they have really pried their local vaults open. (Last night, I heard Wadab’s “‘Pag Tumatagal, Lalong Tumitibay”. I also have not heard that song before.) This song has this kick that’s very much from the OPM scene of the 70s, and the way it’s written, the way it flows, is quite interesting to me. (It is, however, released in 1981, as part of that year’s Metropop.) Of course I also didn’t know Sinosikat? covered this song, albeit on a less agreeable tempo. The comments on that YouTube video were busy slamming Cueshé and Kamikazee, for some reason. Not that we need to. The sentiment is quite optimistic, though: local music kicking back in. Could that be the case today? You say yes, I say no. You say stop, and I say go, go, go… [NB]


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