Review: Angels & Ghosts by Dave Gahan and Soulsavers

Angels & Ghosts by Dave Gahan and SoulsaversThis isn’t the first time Dave Gahan has worked with English electronica duo Soulsavers, and yet when I listened to Angels & Ghosts I got the same feeling I got when I heard Brett Anderson’s first solo album. You have the same vocal tricks from the Depeche Mode vocalist – save for the husky maturity heard in the band’s recent releases, of course – but the setting is different. It’s brown and earthy; it’s a rock sound that manages to, well, bring the soul out of Dave. Sure, the mix is fascinatingly discombobulating, but that’s the beauty of it. Despite the familiarity of the elements there’s an element of surprise lurking about. Where will the gang go? Would it stay this path or move in a wildly different direction on the next track? Attempting to answer this question – and the discoveries you find along the way – make Angels & Ghosts an interesting listen. [NB]4/5


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