Review: Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House

Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach HouseThank Your Lucky Stars is a surprise release from Beach House, just a couple of months after they released their last studio album, Depression Cherry. Considering the reaction I’ve seen from most critics – “it’s more of the same; what’s this album for?” – you’d wonder why this new one even is coming out at this time. And then, after listening, I started to wonder: “yeah, what’s Depression Cherry doing here?” It’s not a bad album, again, but it’s really more of the same, the duo sticking with the same old tricks as before, leaving a frustrating flavor. Thank Your Lucky Stars isn’t that different – but it does show Beach House nudging things forward. There’s a bit of experimentation on the record – an intense build-up here, a swing-y conclusion there, and lots of creative tension between Victoria Legrand and Alex Scully all around. So what’s Depression Cherry doing here? Two sides of the same coin – one classic, one frontier-pushing? Perhaps. But this was the album I was hoping for two months ago. [NB] | 4/5


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