“I decided it’s not a trip at all.”

“You Showed Me” by Jakob Dylan and Cat Power | This isn’t so old; this has been on rotation in my usual places the past month, and, yes, only now have I gotten around to writing about it. A couple of weeks back there was this concert in Los Angeles paying tribute to the Southern California folk-rock scene of the late 60s, chock-full of stuff from the Byrds, the Beach Boys, the Mamas and the Papas, and, in this song’s case, the Turtles. Written in 1964 and released five years later, it’s that band’s last big hit in the United States, and was later covered by the Lightning Seeds and Salt N Pepa – a pretty diverse range, if any. For that concert, two people closer to the Turtles’s sensibilities, Cat Power and Jakob Dylan, doing the cover. Hypnotic when it comes on the air, this. [NB]


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