Review: Greetings from Callalily by Callalily

Greetings from Callalily by CallalilyI did have to remind myself that Kean Cipriano is, above all, the vocalist for Callalily. He’s been so busy with his television work to the point that I actually forgot about it. But the band’s still going on, and their fifth album, Greetings from Callalily, feels like a reminder that, hey, there’s still a band that he’s part of. While there are some interesting things going on – the vaguely 80s-inspired opener “Beautiful”, the cheerfully summery “Now I’m Dancing” – the album is terribly uneven. It kicks off happy, then goes sentimentally gloopy in one fell swoop, and then kicks things back up again. You get the feeling the band just got together, bashed some songs, threw them together, and called it a day, because Kean has to wear a lot of make-up to look like Jose Mari Chan. Low expectations aside – Callaily were, frankly, never really the most memorable of bands during local pop-rock’s mid-2000s heyday – it could be better, you know. [NB]2/5

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