Review: Eternal Return by Sarah Blasko

Eternal Return by Sarah BlaskoThe initial selling point of Eternal Return, the sixth record from Aussie singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko, is the emphasis on the keyboard – a more synth-y album, a poppier album. Yes, it does sound lighter and frothier compared to her previous efforts, but don’t get me wrong – this is still the same Sarah Blasko. Oddly. It’s something I can’t quite place. There’s a joy in her songs – a reflection of some behind-the-scenes developments – and yet, despite that and the keyboard and the potential to go retro, it all sounds like Sarah Blasko. Or Nina Persson at some points, if you really listen out for the similarities. As a pop record, there are delights – “Say What You Want” flits nicely, while “I Am Ready” is a rumbling good introduction. As a continuation of the best Blasko has done, well, it’s definitely up there. Catchy yet profound, this is still Sarah at her best, even if the tableau’s changed a bit. [NB]4/5


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