“That’s the way I want you to know my love.”

“As The Way” by Nathaniel Talbot | I’m writing this from the relative comforts of Hong Kong – I say “relative comfort” not because I’m being snotty, but because, one, I’m tired from the flight, and two, Manila is pretty hellish judging from my Twitter feeds. So finally hearing this record that John from Fluff and Gravy sent over is working wonders, like a tonic before a hectic second day. (It’s for the night job.) Nathaniel Talbot moonlights as a singer, but works primarily as an organic vegetable farmer in one of the islands dotting Washington state. Keep that in mind as you listen to Swamp Rose and Honeysuckle Vine, his fourth album; there’s a windswept calm that wraps around the whole thing. It’s folk without the ornaments, nor the need to sound either vintage or hip. It’s just, well, what it is. And it’s just what I need. The album drops this Friday (which is partly why this has been sitting on the inbox for a while) and if you’re stressed from whatever traffic this APEC summit throws at you – well, this only applies to my Manila readers, but feel free to substitute your own thing – then this ought to help somewhat. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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