Review: Vitals by Mutemath

Vitals by MutemathThere’s so much to be said about Mutemath’s fourth album. Vitals bares a new sound, quite far from their established drum-hitting and bass-slapping trademark. With synths up front, the band has clearly played with more lingering melodies that call for full-body dancing for most tracks – definitely an upgrade from merely bopping your head to the music. That being said, the timing of Vitals‘s release may seem like its weak link. With a ton of dance-y albums coming mostly from new artists nowadays, the amount of craft and sincerity in its creation may seem to be overshadowed. However, what justifies this electropop direction would be the gems hidden in the details that you uncover when you listen to it with headphones (or a really good sound system). Some standouts include opening track “Joy Rides” (this has the best vocal layering in the album), “Light Up” (an interestingly written serenade for old love), “Best of Intentions” (levels up in danceability), and “Used To” (particularly for the punchy handclaps in an emotional song). Although I wouldn’t say this is my favorite Mutemath record, I believe this is necessary for growth, for the band’s future, for shows they have yet to perform (they’re known to be one of the best bands to see live), as Mutemath proves to reinvent themselves for every album they release. Vitals might just make you excited to watch them play in person. I know I am. [CR] 4/5

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