Review: Lost by Nine Muses

Lost by Nine MusesOn their second release as an eight piece – completely going against their name – Nine Muses’ Lost doesn’t seem, well, lost. Sure, their last mini-album, S/S Edition, was a bit jittery, but here there’s a sense that it’s all coalesced together, at least for the most part. Lost may have – and I’m judging from lyric translations, of course – themes of sadness and longing, but it masks that nicely: there’s some slinky, subdued production on single “Sleepless Night”, which, while completely different from their previous work, doesn’t feel too much like a drastic change. It’s refreshing, even. Allows all the bits to shine through while still managing to sound cohesive. This is, after all, the group’s first collaboration with producer Brave Brothers, who previously worked with T-ARA and Hello Venus (albeit that song of theirs I can’t stand). There’s bound to be some interesting things coming out, and thankfully, this isn’t a disappointment. [NB] | 3/5


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