Review: Arigato, Internet! by Reese Lansangan

Arigato, Internet! by Reese LansanganIf you’ve been following her on Soundcloud these past few years, you have a pretty good idea what to expect from Reese Lansangan: a slight touch of whimsy in her words, a voice that ties them all together with a hush that could, could, break out. The formula hasn’t changed much on her debut solo record, but the fact that Arigato, Internet! exists – the title, a nod to how she got here – should get fans excited. Thankfully, she’s got it all planned out, and while most of the songs on the record are familiar ones – only a couple of them are fairly new – the new mixes add details that, err, enhance things. “Code of Kin” get some sweeping strings, for instance, while “A Song About Space” gets a bit more playful. Perhaps it’s the familiarity, but the most interesting bits from the record come in the newer songs: “Slick” is a hushed jazzy delight that’s a subdued saxophone away from a full swinger, while “St. Petersburg”, the “concept” piece that closes the record (save for the two bonus tracks), is deceptively simple, actually hypnotic, reaching a climax that’s surprisingly satisfying considering that it’s at the very end. Arigato, Internet! is a promising next step for a budding singer-songwriter – and, acknowledging the fact that we’ve been writing about Reese for two years now, let me clarify that I am not just saying that. [NB] | 4/5

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