Review: Riverchild by Clara Benin

Riverchild by Clara BeninFor the second time this week, an EP that’s just too short to realize its potential. But what we have heard of Riverchild, the debut EP from Clara Benin, is interesting. She knows her strengths, and have deployed them in a canny way over five tracks. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the record is how it builds up: starting slow and relaxed with opener “December”, and staying in that lane until the last minute or so of the title track, where some nifty production transforms Clara’s warm coo into a different tool in her arsenal. By the time the final track, “I’ve Been Looking All Over The Place For You”, comes in, the diesel engine has warmed up, so to speak, and is ready to go… but three minutes later, it’s over. Such a tease, Clara. But that’s a tantalizing tease, indeed. Here’s hoping a full-length record isn’t so far away. [NB] | 4/5


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