Review: Underneath the Roots by Fools & Foes

Underneath the Roots by Fools & FoesThere’s something calming about Underneath the Roots, the debut EP from local four-piece Fools & Foes. Spread across five tracks is an atmosphere that reassures despite the occasional bursts of energy. The group is not, by all means, typical indie pop: it takes its time setting up; then the pay-off, which it doesn’t linger in; and then, the come down, an acknowledgement that things are back to what seems like normal, but things have changed a bit here and there. It’s a template (sort of) followed by standout tracks “Blindfolded” and “Withering”, both sprawling and yet energetic. I wouldn’t call this a complaint, but Underneath the Roots is hindered by its format: at just five songs it doesn’t quite get the chance to build into something really compelling. You see them pushing to get there – and, yes, they sort of do – but then the record is over. You try again, and you see the seams. It’s not a disappointment, by any means; I just wished there were more. [NB]3/5

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