“We’ve got a nervous twitch.”

“Are You Watching Me? (Paranoia)” by Anti-Violet | Now, to clear the inbox before we go off the grid for two and a half weeks. You remember Anti-Violet, right? We wrote about the Melbourne band last month, mentioning their EP Janus-Faced, calling it a beauty because of the mess and all that. The band’s vocalist Ashlin dropped me another email last week, telling me of a new video for another song off the EP. “Are You Watching Me? (Paranoia)” is a bit more melodic than “Wall Confession”, but there’s this breakdown towards the end that just sums up the themes of the song. It’s a lovely surprise the first time, and it is this time around as well. Their EP is now on Bandcamp, and again, it’s worth a look. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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