“What seems unfair is now the norm.”

“Go On” by TheSunManager | I finally got to say hello to April two Sundays back. We’ve been tweeting occasionally the year before – I don’t know how I get into such things – and resolved that I would say hello to her, in person, during the Arigato, Internet! launch. And then I got shy, so I had to tweet first before saying hello. Yeah, I’m rambling. It’s a short one. I’m Niko is the gist of it, and also, good luck later! since she’s playing. A few months ago Rainy and I took her EP for a spin, and now I’m watching the music video for one of the tracks on it, “Go On” – this was just released last night – and I realize this one thing April is: she’s such a stabilizing presence, a comfortable presence, on stage and on Twitter and in this song about everything going wrong and you just holding on. Which we all ought to do. [NB]


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