And now, it’s time for the Late Show with…

“Humanism” by Jon Batiste and Stay Human | If I had space for an eleventh song on my list of favorite songs for 2015, it would be this one. Of course I’ve been watching clips from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert since it premiered a few months back – I’ve been a fan of Stephen, at least enough of a fan to have two of “his” books – and while I don’t often get to watch the actual show, because, well, time zone differences, I can’t help but really like the new show’s musical direction. Jon Batiste’s jazz training and New Orleans sensibility really provides a point of different to the rest of the American late night landscape, which loves its swinging horns (something even the Roots, who is still doing the tunes for Jimmy Fallon, fell for). All that shows in the theme tune, “Humanism”: a more upbeat tune, familiar yet very different. (And considering the background, it’s open to some crazy tweaks, like that one time when Yo-Yo Ma was on board.) I can listen to this for days. Oh, and welcome to the new year, everyone. [NB]


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