“Flows like water. Sweet like honey.”

“Hailslide” by Júníus Meyvant | This song’s been sitting on my queue for a month or so now – I remember taking a screen cap of the song’s title, as I rushed to leave my house to run errands. Or maybe that’s how the story went. This song has been around for roughly half a year now, though. Júníus Meyvant is an Icelandic singer-songwriter (and if you know anything about Icelandic names, that’s not his real name) who’s yet to release a full album, although both this song and “Color Decay” have caught attention in North America these past few months. The appeal, to me, lies in the way he’s merged two world. Both songs, especially “Hailslide”, definitely have this tinge of vintage soul in them. Yet there’s this mystic, mythic nature to it. Maybe it’s because I know it’s from Iceland. Has that country sold its isolation so well I can’t help but think of a fantastic land whenever I read about it? Perhaps. Júníus’ songs, however, have this playful, easy spirit, sending this from just another soul-aping artist to something more special. [NB]


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