Review: Leave Me Alone by Hinds

Leave Me Alone by HindsThere’s something shambolic about Leave Me Alone, the new album from madrid-based quartet Hinds. Sure, it’s solid lo-fi garage, but it just feels like it’s all over the place. But that’s what you’ll likely think on the first listen. Underneath all that confusion is something quite intricately crafted… and I say this because I’m not quite sure if they deliberately made it that way, or if they just stumbled upon it. The fuzzy, lo-fi, bedroom-bound recording is one thing. The delivery is another. They don’t exactly finish each other’s sentences, but they attempt to; either that, or they remember something else and try to throw all of that in. It’s confessional and on-the-spot and, in its own way, quite alluring, enough to make it stand out, more or less, from the pack of garage rock filling the scene today. [NB]4/5

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