Review: Naturalness by Dal Shabet

Naturalness by Dal ShabetDal Shabet’s member count just trickled down to four. They already lost Viki years back, and recently members Kaeun (awesome rapper, by the way) and Jiyul left to pursue solo careers. It’s always happened in the past anyway – Girl’s Day, Wonder Girls, Kara and f(x) to name a few. If f(x) paid tribute to their newfound fourness with 4 Walls, Dal Shabet are all about sticking together with the first track “Gently”. Or not. I don’t understand Korean much, but I hear the lines “I wanna always stay, always stay with you” and my heart just hurts a little bit. Not a huuuge fan, but these girls have been hard at work for years and yet they aren’t quite there yet, like Nine Muses. Anyway, Serri (who is a HyunA clone, I swear) surprised everyone with her rap in “Someone Like U”. I think it was her first time. I’m not a huge fan of that song, but I’m glad the members got the chance to showcase their vocals properly because they all got solo songs. (Subin’s is my favorite. Woohee did a good job with her solo as well.) I’d like to think that this mini-album is their way of cleansing and reintroducing themselves to the scene. People might not easily forget that boob-rubbing step in “Big Baby Baby” and the alleged penis references in “Joker”, but this mini as a whole feels so fresh and full of hope, so full that even I cannot help but wish they somehow get recognized once and for all. [SY] | 4/5

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