“Я хотела тебе позвонить, Так хотела тебе позвонить.”

“Omut” by Naadia | Now, here’s something we don’t usually write about: Russian indie. Well, we don’t even write about Russian indie. I know we’ve written a lot about interesting songs from France, Japan and Korea, but we have yet to get past the Cyrillic alphabet barrier. Anyway, this one’s a spruik from Gleb, the head of Moscow-based label Kometo Music, and Naadia (let’s stick with Roman from here on) is one of his acts. There’s a glistening, glimmering quality to their electro-powered pop, rendering the language barrier irrelevant, although the lyrics are mysterious and cryptic when translated. “Omut” – “pool” in English, I think – is one such example: one listen and it has washed over me. Naadia’s no new act if you’re in Moscow, though; they have gained a bit of attention internationally, and their eponymous debut, released in 2014, got critical kudos. “Omut” will be from their new EP, dropping in April. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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