“Nobody plays it anymore.”

“Play It On My Radio” by Niki & the Dove | I have somewhat begun wading into Swedish radio this week, after months of cherry-picking the Norwegians and the Danish. Finally, I guess. This song’s on high rotation: the latest single from Swedish duo Niki & the Dove, off the possible follow-up to their 2012 album Instinct, an album that has yet to be announced. It’s a simple sentiment, really: you like a song, and you don’t hear it on the radio anymore. So, you move to plugging your iPods into your car, or getting a Spotify subscription and hoping your data holds up. Me, I’m writing this as I ponder why I have not written about local radio on this blog for a whole year. I had plans for a live blog, but then I realized it just didn’t matter anymore. But who am I to complain if it’s my fault the product no longer appeals to me, and not the other way around? [NB]


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