Review: Not to Disappear by Daughter

Not to Disappear by DaughterDaughter’s captured a particular sound on their first album, 2013’s If You Leave: quiet, gloomy, a little bit gothic. It was an alluring sound, but it felt they weren’t getting out of it, and they weren’t intent on getting out of it. Not to Disappear goes a bit to quell those fears, expanding both their sonic palette and their subject matter. There’s a flirtation with clubby pauses and a bit of jitter, giving their songs a bit of drama. The songs themselves look further out of the usual heartbreak mold, even: “No Care” conveys a sense of claustrophobia in its description of what I’d simply call an awkward moment, while “Doing the Right Thing” is existentialism summed up in one solitary thought. It’s not all change, though; Daughter still sounds as familiar as ever. So, maybe, you’ll still get that feeling that they won’t bust out of their old sound, as beautiful and haunting as it is – but, hey, they are, slightly, slowly. [NB]4/5


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