“How do you know what the top looks like when you’re living on the bottom?”

“NoLo” by Grace Mitchell | Again, I’m late. Grace Mitchell’s been around for a couple of years or so; the LA-based singer, formerly from Portland, had just released RaceDay, her EP, late last year. I’m sure I heard her songs before; when I listened back this weekend I had this sense of déjà vu. “Maybe I heard her on KCRW,” I thought. I chanced upon her again through this song, just before her Morning Becomes Eclectic session last week. I remember being surprised by that low register of hers, a complete counter to the upbeat instrumentation. Of course, that’s not typical of her, but I can’t still help but call her – again, on the basis of “NoLo” – Taylor Swift meets Patti Smith, with a sprinkling of West Coast hipster sheen. But this one’s catchy, of the sort that those who claim to have discovered her first will be very, very protective of. As you were. [NB]


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