“I think I’m falling through to the other side.”

“Eyes On You” by Hey Marseilles | Hey Marseilles has been around for ten years now, but only now have I heard of them. And it’s through a roundabout manner, too. Yel suggested I listen to “Tides”, which I couldn’t find online, but this led me to “Eyes On You”, a single they just released last week. Or, well, at least the music video. And then I second-guessed myself. I’m sure I’ve heard of this group somewhere. Surely a big chunk of my peers like them. They have this sound, that sort of sound that builds up to a climax, powering that one moment, amplifying it even, speaking to you in volumes you never imagined before. You know. It feels very much like I’m in college again. And it’s a good thing. “Eyes On You” will be part of a new eponymous album they’re releasing later this week – so, again, good timing, this – so expect this to be all over the place somewhat. Don’t know about the Philippines, but there’s no reason to doubt that. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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