“Suis-moi, ton sosi salut!”

“Suis-moi” by Camille | Considering the things we’ve written about in the past, we should be writing about the Korean version of this song – the cover done by Sistar’s Hyorin (or Hyolyn, depending on how exacting you are with romanizing) for the Korean dub of The Little Prince. But, as Shalla pointed out, we’ve written about a lot of K-pop lately, so this one will do. We’ve written about Camille before; again, you might know her more for the theme to another animated filmRatatouille. Those introductions aside, we both realized of the wonders of language. The original is a quintessentially French song, of course, considering Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s origins, and how the film’s score has just that touch of chanson. Translated to Korean, it sounds, well, very Korean – their penchant for the romantic (why else is Christmas a holiday for lovers?) and their indie bands settling into a vaguely jazzy groove. In the end, I think Shalla had a liking for the French, so before we left, a Camille marathon was in order. [NB]

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