“Hindi ka ba nagtataka kung bakit nandito tayo?”

“Silakbo” by MilesExperience | I was meaning to write about this song on the first installment of the Local Outsider last month, but the official video didn’t go online on time. But, well, I am still writing about this song, because I’ve been hearing a bit about MilesExperience before I began digging deep into local music. I’ve a bunch of friends from UST (where the guys come from) and they’ve been raving about them, so… well, in usual Niko fashion, I cram listening to them. “Silakbo” is the first I’m hearing. Why I withheld this long, I don’t know. The guys may have amped up their packaging as a “heavy landi metal band” but they sit nicely between the slinky and the heavy. That usually means ordinary, but it strikes me as unique in this case. Extra “hugot”, for lack of a better term. Similarly unique is Miles Bondoc’s delivery: there are no rock star affectations, and while some might think he sings like a wimp, I’ll say he’s really singing his heart out. Shots are fired, and the wounds run deep on this one. [NB]


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