“You are not the universe.”

“Zero” by Dear Plastic | Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, and we’ve mostly stopped writing entries on weekends (we still have a window for weekend posts, but we’ve never had to), the responsibility of acknowledging that people fall in love and get cheesy about it for money’s sake falls to Thursday, or, err, today. But I couldn’t think of a love song. I didn’t want to post f(x)’s “4 Walls” (solely because “love is four walls”) because we are definitely overdoing the K-pop. I can’t think of an anti-love song, either. And then I remembered Dear Plastic, the Melbourne-based band who we’ve written about twice before, just released a new single. “Zero” goes straight into freaky Portishead territory, with Scarlette Baccini’s voice just going up and down. It’s a nice song, still, and sees the band further hone their sound. Yes, this is the Valentine’s Day entry. I think it fits somehow. [NB]


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