Review: My Wild West by Lissie

My Wild West by LissieLissie’s first two albums – particularly her first one, 2010’s Catching A Tiger – had this particular degree of grit, a bit of to-hell-with-it, that resulted in interesting songs and made her rise above the typical folk-pop singer-songwriter. My Wild West is the first she’s releasing under her own label, and the only trace of that early grit is “Daughters”, a rallying cry for women that benefits from that yelp she employs so well in the chorus. The rest, well, is polished up folk-pop, and while her words are still sharp, there really is little memorable, I’m afraid. It’s not all hopeless, but then those interesting bits – “Hollywood” and its critique of fame, to kick it off – come few and far between. The result is an album that’s disappointingly forgettable. It’s not a bad record, by all means, but why she reeled herself in that much, I’ll never quiet get. You might as well revisit Catching A Tiger[NB]3/5


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