Review: Melting by Mamamoo

Melting by MamamooMy love for Korean group Mamamoo has been heavily documented on this blog in recent months, but there is no sign of bias when I say that they’re one of the better vocal groups in the K-pop scene today. Melting, their first full-length album (after two EPs, Hello and Pink Funky), shows that off perfectly – although some songs do it better than others. Yes, this is a K-pop album, with the prerequisite heavily choreographed track with the pop hooks, and its equivalents peppered elsewhere; playing that role is “You’re The Best”, reminiscent of middle-era Girls’ Generation with an intensely bassy hook. While they have fun with eras (there’s a taste of their early releases on “Cat Fight”) and genres (opener “Taller Than You” is pretty much all four members roasting each other about their height – well, Wheein in particular) they shine best when their vocals (and Moonbyul coming in cool with her raps) take center stage. Reliable soul singer Junggigo is parachuted in for “Friday Night”, a slightly sexy, definitely modern R&B crooner; “Words Don’t Come Easy” and “Hometown” press down on the jazzy like they never have previously. And while I’m not always a fan of their ballads, “I Miss You” resists being very gloopy. Mamamoo have figured themselves out; Melting should be a winner for them. Okay, that one’s biased. [NB]4/5

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