Review: Phase by Jack Garratt

Phase by Jack GarrattJack Garratt is a big deal, apparently. In the beginning, I understood: I liked his breakout single, “Weathered”. And then I felt less for his follow-up singles. During that time, he’s been painted at the Next Big Thing, winning the Brits Critics’ Choice Award last year and topping the BBC Sound of 2016 poll. And then, his album drops, perhaps surprisingly unceremoniously. Phase feels like that, too: it starts as a promising enough album, him grappling with intimacy through electric sounds that tend to be big, and it all descends into something, well, bland and generic, being completely forgettable at the end. It’s not his fault entirely as it is the hype machine around him, but listening to Phase feels like diminishing returns the longer it goes. And you want so hard to like Jack, but you just don’t find him that interesting. Again, maybe it’s the hype machine. I know there’s something. “Weathered”, surprisingly, is still a bit refreshing. Maybe a bit more time, and a bit less expectation, is warranted. [NB]3/5


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