“I’ve been loving you way before you knew.”

“Been Lovin’ You” by Nicky Davey | Now, a couple of tracks on the backlog, both from one of our regulars, Charlotte. (This happens when you have a very busy week.) First on the list is Nicky Davey, aka Nick Green and David Rosser, a Los Angeles duo that have a pleasant, summer-y sound – well, with today being the first day of March, that fits in quite nicely, don’t you think? Unless it’s raining today; I wouldn’t know, I schedule all of my entries. Anyway. There’s this bit about them being Grammy-nominated songwriters and such – turns out they worked with The Internet – but, well, it’s the sound you really listen for. Here’s hoping it does end up being sunny today. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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