Review: 99¢ by Santigold

99¢ by SantigoldIt’s been a while since Santigold released an album – four years, in fact, since Master of My Make-Believe. With 99¢ she returns with that same mix of poppy tunes wrapped in an ephemeral, inaccessible on the surface (take note, on the surface) indie wrapper. Santigold dives this time into the self-obsessed culture we’re seeing these days, to varying reactions, depending on what you feel about the genres she jumps into. The lack of cohesion on the album is not a problem – it somehow serves to speak about the album’s themes more – but it does induce a bit of whiplash. For me, the opening tracks dug in better: “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” kicks off with an interesting clash of sounds, followed by “Big Boss Big Time Business” bidding for the dance floor in inimitable Santigold style. But after the surprisingly saccharine “Banshee” things flag down, or maybe it’s my interest: it’s like she’s trying a lot of things for the sake of it. Which, again, might be the entire point. Maybe I am proving Santigold right with this review. [NB]3/5

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