Review: Light of Day by Yolanda Moon

Light of Day by Yolanda MoonSometimes I need to remind myself that not all albums have to have that one moment that grabs you by the neck, that takes your breath away, to be good. Light of Day, the debut full-length from Yolanda Moon, is one such album: it doesn’t really have a moment, the moment, but throughout its 53 minutes it feels both confident and comfortable. What you might not notice is how it hews close to the soul music it plays while staying away from the genre’s obvious tropes. The only obvious moment to me was in the penultimate track, “Smalltalk”; to get there is to go through a haze of chilled keyboards and slinky beats, in a way that doesn’t quite scream “this is indie soul for cool kids”. And I like that. I had fun trying to figure out where Light of Day was heading. (Granted, I was doing an album review; I would not do that to such an extent in other circumstances.) And while some might perceive it as a relatively inaccessible record, I’ll say it’s one where tricks are pulled without you noticing. [NB]4/5

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