“I’m back on my feet and eager to be what you wanted.”

“Lost in Love” by Air Supply | Yes, Air Supply. I am writing about Air Supply. I am writing about a group that is very much loved in the Philippines, although I’m pretty sure it’s partly down to the fact that you hear their songs everywhere – especially on those radio stations that cater to bank employees. The Aussie duo’s gotten a bit of a tatty reputation if you call yourself cool because of the excessive exposure, especially if you hear this blasted loud on jeepneys, on days when you can’t quite get a ride home. But, well, I realized that their songs are pretty good. Well, they always have been – simple melodies, good build-ups – but, again, that overexposure, you know? I heard “Lost in Love” on the radio a week back, and wondered why I have a lot of singles from Eagles, the master of the California rock sound of the 70s, but none from their Aussie counterparts. It’s a nice, breezy song – not like their bigger singles, which were rendered overwraught by high rotation – that actually feels cathartic. So, should I? Well, we’ll, err, see. [NB]


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