“Sakit sa heart nitong baklita!”

“Bet Mo Ba” by Kelly Welt | I wouldn’t be writing about this song if I heard this early on. Most likely it’s because I have not listened to the more, uh, masa stations lately. Maybe it’s my K-pop state of mind as well. I’m not saying this is a rip-off, but I guess I’m more receptive to glossy pop. I have not heard of Kelly Welt before, but one listen to this song while driving has got me pricked up. Never mind the usual theme of dream-guy-turns-out-to-be-gay that’s explored often in local pop – this one’s bright, showing off Kelly’s personality (or what I think it is) quite well, and not judge-y to boot. I can’t quite put it; I really do enjoy this. (Worth mentioning that Kelly co-wrote the song, too.) Oh, and also, remember that complaint about Filipinos doing mainstream pop and sounding like they just rip off whoever? Well, count this as an example of the opposite. I know we’re not good at finding these things because of our biases, but I am encouraged. [NB]

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