“Who can you trust from here, sweet flower?”

“Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us” by Fink | This is a recommend, more or less, from John, one of my newfound friends, a side effect of being too serious with this blog. Well, he didn’t exactly recommend it to me, but he tweeted about how we ought to hear this song or something, and I caught that tweet, so, sure, why not? I haven’t heard of Fink before – a singer-songwriter from Cornwall, now based in Berlin and London, with seven albums to his name. I haven’t seen Selma either, where this song was used, although it was released with his 2011 album Perfect Darkness. There’s a particularly calming quality to this song, although I’ll admit I got that a sense of that from the song title alone. It’s been hard, hasn’t it? But we have to move on (if you’re my dad) or move forward (if you’re… somebody else, I guess), and this nudges you ever so slightly. That, I think, is the point. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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