Review: United Crushers by Poliça

United Crushers by PoliçaPoliça used to be a constant, more or less, in the indie scene. Well, they only released two albums, but they were everywhere. But United Crushers comes in after a three-year break, and things have changed a bit during the time. Notably, there’s more of a political undercurrent to the record – a lot of things in Channy Leanagh’s mind, especially now she’s with child. Frustratingly, however, the album fails to fully realize what they set out to do. It makes a statement, but doesn’t quite deliver, which leaves me wanting. Granted, it might not be the point – the arrangements suggest a dread, an exhaustion, a realization that things won’t exactly budge despite how much you want it to. The lyrics do the same, too. But maybe I was hoping they’d push nonetheless. That’s what you do, right? [NB]3/5


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