“Seven years from now and we’ll know…”

“Same Boat” by Vanessa Forero | I listened to this without watching the music video because I was nursing a particularly bad headache. (I blame the heat and my new working arrangements.) First thought: “this is a surprisingly indie-sounding submission from Charlotte right now.” Second thought: “there’s definitely country on this one. I hear a bit of Dolly Parton on this.” Third thought: “it’s over? Already?” Brit-Colombian Vanessa Forero’s got a charmer here: “Same Boat” – off her upcoming EP From the Uproar – is one of those gentle, carefree tracks that sits there waiting for the moment when you’ll take notice. Maybe this headache is for the better. By the way, another one of her songs, “Heaven Knows”, is a free download on her SoundCloud page[NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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