Review: Post Pop Depression by Iggy Pop

Post Pop Depression by Iggy PopTime will tell if Post Pop Depression is a good way to go for Iggy Pop – or if this will indeed be his last album, as he’s hinted so often in the weeks leading up to release. The surprise album, a collaboration with (among others) Joshua Homme, sees Iggy be contemplative, most notably in the haunting last lines of “American Valhalla”. It’s him grappling with his legacy (unless it’s not really what he meant), grappling with the idea of a world where Iggy Pop means zip. (That has to be what the title means, right?) The nine songs is a nice balance between Iggy’s sexual tension and Joshua’s tendencies to riff with unusual motifs in his sludgy rock. While the result may be less punk rock and more early David Bowie (again, the timing thing is too spot on) it’s still an interesting, albeit slightly less memorable, set of tracks. It might not be the statement anybody, more so Iggy, is hoping for, but then again, time will be the judge of that one. [NB]4/5


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