Review: The Velvet by Red Velvet

The Velvet by Red VelvetRed Velvet is decidedly two-faced. I don’t mean that in a bitchy, crazy way. I’m pretty sure they want listeners to see them as a bunch of quirky musicians who are also very feminine. Their previous release, The Red, is a literal quirkfest, what with “Dumb Dumb” playing out in a jumpy tempo and a clappy beat underneath. I regret not reviewing the album itself because it is something that you listen to as a whole. The Velvet, on the other hand, starts off with a soft sweepy single. I sadly am not a sweeping music person, despite years of playing the violin. I admit I was very intrigued when the teaser images were released, and even more curious when I saw the teaser video. I was almost certain they’d release a soft mid-tempo track they can dance to like “Be Natural”. The next few tracks were pretty upbeat, but they’re doing nothing for me so far. They go back to sweeping with “First Time”, which I actually love. That track is more outgoing than “One of These Nights”, with more solid vocals and a steady beat. I love that the songs in this mini are a little bit of this and that, but nothing overwrought. They’re just… soft, very soft. They included different versions of the single towards the end. I enjoyed the Joe Millionaire version. It’s something you play between Ladies Code‘s “Galaxy” and SoljiHani’s “Only One”. [SY]4/5


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