“This is what a love song sounds like.”

“A Love Song” by Ladyhawke | This somewhat fell down the cracks last week: Ladyhawke is finally back! It’s been four years since she released Anxiety; the New Zealand artist’s been working on a new record all this time, and the world’s, well, changed a lot. I say that because Ladyhawke was an artist I often played during those years after I graduated from college, where I slogged through my first job, a job where the people were, well… bitches, for lack of a better term. That long gap meant she became one of those artists that evoked a time – “Paris is Burning” still does that to me – but now she’s returning with an album called Wild Things. Just a couple of months more – 3 June’s the release date – but we now have this, and another track, “Sweet Fascination”, to play with. And, much like yesterday’s post, it brings me back. Hopefully no bad colleagues in tow. [NB]


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