“You’ll always be a part of me.”

“Always Be My Baby” by David Cook | As a prelude to the imminent end of American Idol, airing tomorrow morning in Manila – and the essay I wrote about it, which should be live in five and a half hours – I’ve had a think about the more tangible things it gave us Filipinos. Well, apart from the four contestants it had of Filipino descent, and the increasingly crazy reaction for each, especially when Jessica Sanchez made the finale. (“I think Jessica will not win, because traditionally, male contestants always win,” this kid told a reporter on the news.) Well, we have David Cook’s “Always Be My Baby”, a case of an Idol cover being more ubiquitous than the original version (Mariah Carey, in this case). I still hear this on random radio stations. We have David Archuleta becoming a soap opera star here. We have the distinction of being the only foreign country to stage the official Idol tour twice (although we’re not the first; that’s Singapore in season 3 – oddly, the season with Jasmine Trias). What else? I’m stuck. Well, it gave us Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert and Phillip Phillips. It gave us Chris Daughtry and Constantine Maroulis and Michael Johns, bless his soul. It gave us Taylor Hicks, Allison Iraheta and Haley Reinhart. Well, I rooted for those three. And David Cook. American Idol gave me six albums, three of which are signed. And a signed poster. And friends. I’ll elaborate later. [NB]


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