Review: Everything You’ve Come to Expect by the Last Shadow Puppets

Everything You've Come to Expect by the Last Shadow PuppetsIt’s been a long time since the Last Shadow Puppets did something. Since the release of The Age of the Understatement in 2008, a lot has happened to its two main proponents: Alex Turner’s profile blew up even wider as the Arctic Monkeys saw success across the Atlantic, while Miles Kane had established himself as a rowdy soloist. Their return together is somewhat of a surprise (despite hopes that the project would be revisited) and Everything You’ve Come to Expect is, well, everything you’ve come to expect. It’s become some sort of reintroduction to Alex and Miles: while they do very well while getting down, their softer side has always been more interesting to me. While it can be a bit too earnest sometimes, the album – languid, fluid, playful – serves as a breather that plays well for everyone. For fans of both, it’s a treat long waited for. [NB]3/5


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