Review: For The Rest Of My Life by Mayonnaise

For The Rest Of My Life by MayonnaiseIs “Kathryn” the next “Jopay”? Sure, Mayonnaise never quite said that the latter, their breakthrough single back in 2004, is about the Sex Bomb Dancer, although the music video was definitely a wink to that. This time, the song is definitely preceded by a clip of actress Kathryn Bernardo greeting vocalsit Monty Macalino a happy birthday. But, well, Mayonnaise has always been more adept than it seems: their songs manage to be universal despite the occasionally specific references. For The Rest Of My Life is the group’s sixth record, with yet another change to the line-up but with the same sound and vibe: comfortable, relatable, crunchy at the seams. There are a few misses in the record, mostly pacing-wise – the experimental-type “Los Angeles” suggests a longer climax, and “Hopeless”, while good, was too early a closing track – but Mayonnaise, despite not having much of a profile as before, remains quite reliable. Perhaps the new hidden gem status made this album extra enjoyable. [NB]4/5


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