Review: Weezer (The White Album) by Weezer

Weezer (The White Album) by Weezer“Maybe Weezer can get their spark back” is how we ended our review of the band’s last album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End. Have they? Them returning to the naming convention of some of their more iconic albums – the colors; this one’s white, a very retro choice, arguably – may be a sign of a back to basics approach, a continued journey towards that end. The songs are best when they’re laid-back; in some points they clearly try hard to get attention, and those songs stick out, and not in a good way. By now it’s clear the band really works best when they don’t really stress out too much; this collection of chilled, but not at all unsubstantial, tracks continues the promise of its predecessor. Whether the spark has been regained is completely up to you. We think they found their groove again. [NB]4/5

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