Anglophile in New York #4: “We’re gonna create a fuck chain!”

No, Jeany would like to make it clear that she would not sleep with Andrew.

Anglophile in New YorkA typical week in my social life, part three: today is the end of March and I feel like I’ve gone out quite a bit this past week. These days, I’m still working contract jobs for startups either from home or elsewhere from anywhere between six to eleven hours a day. After the day’s work is done, I often love to unwind and do the things I love by going to gigs and eating some good food.

Last Thursday, 24 March, I had a holy trinity random reunion with my mates, Melissa and Andrew. They are essentially, in all purposes, my random friends that I literally handpicked. I really believe Melissa and Andrew are special people and I am grateful to call those two my friends. So, the plan was to get slightly drunk on beer at a random startup party (which I found out about) and head over to the season premiere of The Chris Gethard Show at Pearl Studios on 37th and 5th ave.

I was quasi-involved with that show in it’s early inception about five years ago. However, that’s another story. Let’s just say my character has quite the legacy, even though it was never my intention to leave one. Anyway, I caught up with my friends Julia, Megan, and a bunch of other people on line. We went into Pearl Studios, into the set of TCGS, and it was so amazing to see the show live up to its full potential. I sat in the front with Melissa and Andrew. The special guest was Colin Quinn, an old Saturday Night Live alum, and the topic was about quitting your job.

About halfway into the taping, this happened.

I initiated a Fuck Chain and picked up a $10,000 camera, as dared by Colin Quinn. Just to publicly note, I would like to say that Andrew is out of my league. As the week went on, I noticed it got a bit of press – more specifically, one YouTube comment and one tweet. I’m just so glad I made my cable TV cameo debut looking the way I look now, and not how I did in 2011. Ugh.

The next day I went out to see Jimmy Carr at Gramercy Theater. I took my a friend that didn’t know too much about him, but I always love exposing my friends to the best of British comedy. Honestly, I never thought Jimmy Carr would ever come to this side of the Atlantic, ever. I really thought if I ever wanted to see him perform live, I’d have to go to London, or Edinburgh during Fringe. Luckily, it was at one of my favorite venues, one where I didn’t have to pay a dime. However, I would’ve paid money to see Jimmy Carr – it’s not everyday such great comedic talent does gigs in New York.

I’ve seen Simon Amstell, and most recently Noel Fielding a few weeks prior – but wow. The Jimmy Carr of 8 out of 10 Cats was here. My favorite bit was the heckler Brandon, as well as a story about how Nick Helm of Uncle (which aired on BBC Three) thought Jimmy was heckling him during a song at Edinburgh Fringe one year, when in fact he was just laughing in a weird way. Jimmy Sold out 4 shows in total. Basically, after the show, I told him to bring Nick Helm to this country and told him I loved Uncle.


For reference, please watch Funny Business on Netflix.

As far as those two days? It was pretty amazing. Great comedy, a slice of London, great friends, and the return of my character, Random Jean on real cable TV.

The best part – I didn’t pay for any of it! [JL]

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