“So then I cry. Crash, burn and cry.”

“Brothers” by ONBC | I’m sure I mentioned this on the blog before: how I stumble upon the songs I write about. I listen to my usual foreign radio stations; when I find something I like, I go to their website and hope for a live playlist. Sometimes, though, I fail to do this immediately and I am left with vague memories of when the song played. I end up having a guessing game with YouTube, which sometimes ends well – either I find the song I’m looking for, or I stumble upon something completely different. I’m sure this is the case for ONBC’s “Brothers”. A quiet chugger, and also of a dreamy vein like yesterday’s post, it comes from a Danish four-piece who started out in one band, quit it, and reunited together under a different name. (At least that’s the case for three of the members.) It’s a cinematic trip, rumbling along silently until it goes pop without you noticing. I guess I’m returning to the dreamy side of European alternative, yes? We’ll see in the next few posts… [NB]


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