“I love a moonlit answer.”

“Half A Million” by Karylle | Karylle’s been topping Magic’s charts for a while now, which is a pleasant surprise considering the stereotype that we only care about Western pop. And this one’s an interesting song, too: it actually dispenses the pop tropes, resulting in a simple song that rumbles, satisfyingly, to a climax. But really, I’m writing about this song because it reminded me of my one encounter with Karylle nine years ago. Along with a few college friends I went to a screening of the Jay Abello film Ligaw Liham, a participant at Cinemalaya back in 2007, which she starred in. We walked from DLSU to the CCP (not a long distance really) but a few mix-ups meant I found myself running to the Main Theater. I fell on the driveway badly. I scraped my palm and elbow so bad, I had to go to the CCP clinic for some first aid before watching the film. Karylle, who was there – she made it a point to be at every screening – noticed my bandages, and we ended up chatting a bit, and I ended up telling my story on camera for some behind-the-scenes thing Jay himself was shooting. I wonder where that video is? Karylle also ended up blogging about me, but Multiply is no longer a thing, so it’s nowhere to be found. Ah, well. The whole story’s at one of my old blogs, if you’re curious. [NB]


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